5 Applications of Stainless Steel in the Medical Industry

20 February 2023

The medical industry is one of the industries that are essential in the world today. This industry generally intends to promote health, provide treatment, and enhance the quality of life of the people being served. These main goals are carried out mostly by health institutions.

Life is essential to the medical industry. Hence, it would be vital for these institutions to only use the right tools and equipment when carrying out medical procedures, assessments, and others. Failure to utilise these things may only worsen the medical situation of the patients. Worse, they may only lead to fatalities that can then affect the whole industry’s reputation.

To ensure that these institutions can perform optimally in whatever situation, they should only maximise tools and equipment pieces made from stainless steel. Here are some remarkable applications of stainless steel in the medical industry.

1. Cannulas and Needles

Both cannulas and needles can be inserted into the bodies so they can deliver or remove fluids. The only difference between the two is that the former can extend more than the latter, making cannulas longer. These tools can only be effective and safe if they are made from stainless steel since this material has sanitary quality. While they are sanitary, cannulas and needles should be disposed of after every use to prevent harming people.

2. Surgical Implants

Surgical implants are medical devices that aim to replace missing biological parts, support damaged biological structures, or enhance existing biological structures. They include joint replacements, artificial body parts, pins, and plates. Since they have to be maximised for a long time, they should be made from materials that can last long. Fortunately, stainless steel can be durable and long-lasting. Even after a few years, stainless steel surgical implants can remain the same inside the patient’s body without causing danger.

3. MRI Scanners

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is a medical imaging technique that can obtain the inner anatomy of a person. It can also form photos of one’s brain to pinpoint any diseases of the body. The energy released by MRI scanners can be intense. Therefore, stainless steel is used to construct these scanners since it can withstand the kind of energy released and needed by these machines to process images obtained from the patient.

4. Hospital Beds

Patients who will be admitted to the hospital are always given a room where a hospital bed is present. And since patients may vary, hospital beds should be able to last long without deforming. They must also withstand cleaning agents that are often used to clean and sanitise them. Stainless steel is the perfect material for hospital beds as it can withstand heavy loads, rust, and other damaging effects of surrounding elements. It can also be cleaned and maintained easily, preventing harmful microbes from sticking around.

5. Braces and Molar Crowns

Dentistry deals with the treatment of teeth and other procedures. And to carry out dentistry-related procedures, medical professionals should only use tools and materials that will not harm one’s teeth and supporting structures. The use of stainless steel in braces and molar crowns can ensure that patients will not obtain diseases in the long run. These things can also make sure that their teeth will not acquire any infection.

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