All You Need to Know About Jigs and Fixtures in CNC Machining

03 December 2021

Jigs and fixtures are gadgets that assist in increasing the pace of indistinguishable parts while decreasing the measure of human exertion needed to deliver these parts. It has as of now been expressed that a middle machine is an appropriate machine tool for producing individual pieces of different shapes and sizes. However, its utilisation for producing comparable articles in huge amounts will be inefficient.

The jigs and fixtures are useful for increasing the creation of indistinguishable parts. It also lessens the human endeavours for producing parts. It is vital in prior occasions that a middle machine is appropriate to the machine tools for manufacturing individual pieces of various shapes and sizes. For producing comparative items in huge amounts this is certifiably not an affordable choice.

On the other side, the capstan and turret machine can, without much of a stretch, be customised for reiteration work. This is for the multi-cooling course of action and utilisation of cross-over stop, and this increases the pace of creation. However, only a few units can machine on capstan or turret. And it needs to involve the utilisation of drilling, milling, planning, and grinding machines, and so on. With the jigs and fixtures, such articles can create indistinguishable shapes and sizes in enormous amounts. The jigs and fixtures are used for holding and locating purposes so redundancy work should be possible.


A jig is a gadget that holds and finds a workpiece just as guides and controls at least one cutting tool. The work is held, and the tools are directed, so they are in evident positions comparative with one another.

A jig is a plate, construction, or box made of metal or, at times, nonmetal that has arrangements for holding the parts in indistinguishable positions in a steady progression and then, at that point, guiding the tool in the right situation on the work in understanding with the drawing, detail, or activity layout.

As such, this is used for both holding the tools and guiding the cutting tools. A jig’s main intention is to give repeatability, precision, and interchangeability in the manufacturing of items.


A fixture is a gadget that holds and finds a workpiece during an inspection or manufacturing process. The fixture doesn’t go about as an aide for the tool. Fixtures in development are different standard or specially planned work holding gadgets. They are clipped on the machine table to stand firm on the workpiece in a position. The tools are changed manually or with checks to the necessary position on the work.

Fixtures are workholding gadgets that hold, support, and find the workpiece in the ideal situation for any activity. The essential capacity of fixtures is to hold and find the workpiece during any machining activity. It also gives repeatability, precision, and interchangeability in item manufacturing.

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