EDM Wire Cutting: What Is It All About?

13 March 2020

EDM stands for electrical discharge machining, and one of its processes utilises wire cutting to perform its functions. In comparison to other forms of CNC machines, the EDM machines are unique since they accomplish their goals by discharging electricity to remove pieces rather than tools coming into contact with the material to do this task. To ensure that you fully understand the specifics of electrical discharge machining, we provide the following information. How the Process of Electrical Discharge Machining Is Performed Even though there are different types of electrical discharge machining, they all work in the same basic fashion. The […]

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Things You Need to Know About Five-Axis CNC Machines

21 February 2020

CNC is an abbreviation for computer numerical control, and the machines of this style need preset requirements created by specially designed software to accomplish their tasks effectively. Many turn to CNC for milling processes since the machines use a subtractive technique to cut away material systemically to bring about the intended results. It is important to note, though, that these machines can do more than just milling, depending upon their design. While the most well-known versions of these machines are three-axis and four-axis ones, there also are advanced five-axis versions. It is the latter one that we will be explaining […]

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CNC Machining Operations: A Vital Process in Manufacturing

03 February 2020

Over recent years, CNC machining has become a vital process in numerous manufacturing facilities in this country and globally. The reason for this is that it is controllable through computer software which produces precision results with each piece that this type of machining creates. In fact, CNC is the abbreviation for “computer numerical control,” and this is a subtractive process that removes a specific portion of material from the work piece or blank to produce a customised part. Industries that find this process useful include those dealing with transport, recycling, mining, medical, food, automation, packaging, and automotive along with a […]

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What are the Most Common Types of CNC Machines?

20 January 2020

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery can be found in countless manufacturing applications. Embedded microprocessors and proprietary machine instructions control lathes or milling machines. Elsewhere, in a refitted factory, it’s a plasma cutter or a laser array that executes the computer codes. As long as the tools and mounting systems accept a computer interface, there’s really no limit to the forming operations that can be carried out by an automated CNC workstation. Automated CNC Milling Machines Milling tools look a little like fluted drill bits, but that’s where the similarities end. Instead of cutting sharply defined holes, the flat or bull-nosed […]

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An Overview about CNC Machining

07 January 2020

Without a single doubt, industry insiders view CNC Machining as a revolutionary means of processing raw metal workpieces. Unlike the incremental improvements that have touched machine shop tooling technology, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology has totally transformed the manufacturing sector. This is a quantum leap in automated machining, not a marginal development in some parts forming procedure. Anyway, upon leaving the superlatives behind, let’s map out an active CNC workstation. The Role of A CNC Workstation This is a specially configured computer. It’s not located in the machine shop, not with dust and metal filings flying around. Sealed inside an […]

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