CNC Machining Services of Exotic Materials

09 September 2020

The manufacturing industry defines exotic materials as those whose longevity, durability, weatherproofing, and corrosion-resistance surpass its standard counterparts. Such an innovation was discovered when the demand for a material with exceptional quality increased. Exotic materials were then categorised into metals and non-metals. Exotic metals include titanium, Waspaloy, Inconel, Hastelloy, Kovar, Invar and Monel, while non-metals are comprised of glass-filled plastics or phenolics, Kevlar, machinable glass and machinable carbide. To further delve into the function of exotic materials, you must first know their CNC machining services.

CNC Machining Services for Exotic Materials

Generally speaking, exotic materials have a carbon steel machinability of 20 per cent. Cutting, stamping and forming are conceivable if produced at the best speed and feed. Every material has their own issues that might cause problems in the long run. At present, there is a limited amount of readily available information about CNC machining services. As a result, some shops are unable to quote these services accurately. As time progresses, more and more data are becoming accessible for machining industries to utilise.

However, lack of information isn’t the only problem when it comes to exotic materials. Initial costs could be an issue as well. The need to buy the material in the right condition for an effective machining process would often result into increased tool expenses. Everything begins at the citing stage. Also, shops must be prepared; with less shops citing exotic material machining, the chances of finding one could be low.

The Best Approach

Most shops trust in the best, and whatever good experience is picked up from the process stays in the top list of default machining service providers. Indeed, it’s essential to utilise qualified individuals, but on the other hand it’s imperative to instruct all involved with the protocols, including review prerequisites.

Most exotic metals produce a brilliant finished product that utilises sharp tooling, yet this surface might be work-hardened and according to the preference of the client. Showing the surface completion and giving pictures can significantly work to the CNC machining service provider’s advantage.

When measuring an exotic material part, it’s imperative to check not only diameters, but square shoulders or walls, as well. With most materials, the rule of thumb is that once the machine is set up, the depth of steps is fixed as long as the same tool is doing both or multiple steps. However, exotic materials can push a tool away and cause an out-of-square step, even if it cuts all of the surfaces. For instance, a 35-degree diamond will push away when turning a diameter to a shoulder, then up that shoulder to another diameter.

When one shop provides quality CNC machining services for exotic materials to their clients, they would gain a good reputation for their services. Trusted providers would continuously offer their services, gaining significant improvements and developments for the industry in the long run. Naturally, other CNC machining service providers would improve their services to stay in the industry.

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