Common Industries That Can Take Advantage of 5-Axis Machining

08 August 2022

Machining is the controlled cutting of materials, granting manufacturers products with their desired final shape and size. Many of them carry out machining by using different types of tools. Some of these tools include lathes, drilling machines, and milling machines.

Most tools used in the machining process can all be operated manually. But as time passes, their overall movement and behaviour can already be regulated by a computer. With the introduction of computer numerical control (CNC) machines, more and more industries have moved on from manual machining and subsequently embraced the said machines.

CNC machines have led to the creation of 5-axis machining, which utilises a machine to move a tool in five directions. Through 5-axis CNC machines, manufacturers can effectively work on a workpiece from different directions without repositioning the tool manually.

Benefits of the 5-Axis Machining Process

5-axis CNC machines allow manufacturers to move not only in linear X, Y, and Z axes but also rotate along the mentioned axes. The rotating feature of the cutting tools helps manufacturers connect them to the workpieces without any problems. The capability of 5-axis CNC machines to move in five directions likewise allows them to process multiple parts of a workpiece in one go. These capabilities alone make the entire 5-axis machining process efficient.

Another great thing about the 5-axis machining process is it can provide shorter lead times to the manufacturers. The absence of manual repositioning allows the process to be faster and snappier, helping manufacturers obtain their needed parts and products in a short time.

Accuracy is even achieved by a 5-axis machining process. Since tools can move in five axes instead of the conventional three axes, the details they can generate for the workpieces and materials can surely provide manufacturers products with quality specifications.

Other notable benefits of 5-axis machining include smoother product finish, higher cutting speeds, and enhanced business opportunities.

5-Axis Machining Process Applications

The benefits associated with the 5-axis machining process make them great for many industries. Some industries that can take advantage of this process are the following.

  • Aerospace: One industry that can maximise the benefits of 5-axis machining is the aerospace industry. The level of detail that this process provides can help this industry attain products with smooth shapes and contoured edges, all in a very short time.
  • Automotive: Smooth shapes and contoured edges are also some of the characteristics of automotive products. With 5-axis machining, the automotive industry can swiftly obtain these types of products in a short time. But aside from these qualities, 5-axis machining can also produce components with tight tolerance requirements, which are needed by the industry.
  • Energy: Another industry that can take advantage of this machining type is the energy industry. The energy industry requires equipment pieces that can handle various sources of power. Since 5-axis machining can work with rough and resistant materials, the industry can attain products with not only precise specs but also long service life.
  • Medical: Devices, implants, and other tools used for medical practices should maximise high-quality components. Fortunately, 5-axis machining can help the medical industry attain these products quickly without sacrificing accuracy and efficiency.

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