How to Maximise Profitability in High Precision Machining

06 November 2020

You can ask every industry in the world what they think is the most important, and the majority would instantly answer – profitability. Although, it is safe to assume that any other answer is an attempt to sound professional and client-centred. To be fair, profitability encompasses a wide range of considerations. And to maximise such, you have to take an inside look into your business and take advantage of opportunities that might come your way.

For high precision machining services, profitability is achieved in numerous ways. For some, it could be acquired by providing quality results for one specific service. Others offer a wide range of services and market their brand to various machining methods provided. Below are ways on how to maximise profitability in high precision machining.

Improve Machine Tools

In a technical industry such as high precision machining, it is considered a requirement to have a machine tool. And to produce high-quality parts, machine tools must function with utmost efficiency and accuracy. Aside from that, it is not enough to simply purchase a machine tool within required standards. They must also adhere to scientific optimisation methods regularly.

Invest in Long-Lasting Cutting Tools

Since high precision machining banks on producing quality parts that perform a certain role and function, the cutting tools that are used to produce them are not mere cutting tools that you can easily find anywhere. That is why you need to invest in cutting tools that are durable and long-lasting. Not only when it comes to quality and consistency, but also in versatility wherein you easily customise them to withstand breakages, deteriorations and temperature changes.

Utilise Optimum Workpieces

The accuracy in high precision machining is determined by the workpiece material. That is why before choosing a certain machine and cutting tool, the workpiece is assessed in terms of mechanical and thermal properties. This is to ensure that the employed high precision machining is in its optimum condition.

Choose the Best Cutting Fluid

Profitability is not solely measured in terms of return of investment (ROI), in fact, it also takes into consideration cost reduction without sacrificing performance. One way to maximise profitability is through the right selection of cutting fluid. Cutting fluid is responsible for both material removal and surface finish. However, it doesn’t end at that. To ensure high-quality results, cutting fluid must also be handled appropriately. Incorrect handling may result in environmental hazards and poor high precision machining,

Consider Coordinated High Precision Machining Accessories

You cannot expect a quality high precision machining if you invest all your efforts in the main tools without utter consideration for machining accessories. They should not be treated as an afterthought because they make up the entire high precision machining process. A well-coordinated high precision machining accessories enable faster, accurate and profitable processing. However, coordination is dictated by technological appropriation so they must be able to work hand in hand with the rest of the tools to achieve quality results.


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