The Working Principles and Primary Advantages of EDM Wire Cutting

25 March 2022

Manufacturers often use metal materials in building machines and structures since they can be processed in various ways. Some of these processes include cutting, burning, welding, forming, and machining.

Cutting is one of the most popular metal fabrication processes used by manufacturers. In a nutshell, this process entails the splitting of metal sheets into smaller sections. As the metal workpieces are cut, they are processed further through other metal fabrication processes.

One great type of cutting that is used by metal fabricators is electrical discharge machining (EDM) wire cutting. This process maximises electrical charges in removing parts of metal workpieces.

Conducting EDM Wire Cutting

As mentioned, EDM wire cutting is a metal fabrication process wherein electrical charges are maximised in removing parts of metal workpieces. The electrical charges or sparks during this process are often controlled and applied to metal surfaces very quickly to ensure that the desired final output will be acquired in a short time.

What is unique about EDM wire cutting is it subjects the metal workpieces into the dielectric fluid. While they are submerged on the said fluid, a wire is subsequently fed through to transfer an electric current to these metals. The transferred electric current then generates sparks that would cut and separate them. The strength of the dielectric fluid is expected to increase once the distance between the electrodes becomes narrower. And as electrodes narrows, the current between them can pass more quickly, separating some portions of metal workpieces with each electrical charge or spark.

EDM Wire Cutting Advantages

Tons of advantages can be associated with EDM wire cutting.

One of the advantages of EDM wire cutting is it can process materials in a precise manner. Since this process maximises controlled electrical charges, cutting parts with tight tolerances can be achieved without any difficulties. Metal workpieces that undergo EDM wire cutting are expected to be processed without distortion, end deformation, and delamination. Another advantage of EDM wire cutting is it can process metal workpieces that have varying hardness. As long as the metals are conductive, EDM wire cutting can effectively cut them and give them natural radiused end cuts.

EDM wire cutting can likewise be advantageous as it does not require secondary post-machining thermal processes. The absence of these processes allows the metal workpieces to be free from heat stress.

EDM Wire Cutting Applications

The working principles and advantages of the EDM wire cutting make it great for manufacturing parts and components needed for the aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries.

These industries often use EDM wire cutting in die and mould manufacturing processes. They also utilise this process in generating prototypes to full production runs of metal components and tools.

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