What Makes CNC Lathes Better than Manual Lathes?

10 May 2022

Various metal workpieces undergo many processes so they can be converted into a wide range of useful products. Some are utilised as the main framework for machines and devices, while others are utilised as small yet vital components of these things.

They may end up differently. However, a lot of them undergo similar processes, ensuring that they boast intricate details and specifications. Machining, for instance, is often conducted in metal workpieces to ensure that they have the desired final size and shape of the manufacturers. It is a process that removes materials from workpieces just to attain their required specifications.

Before, manual lathes are often utilised for this process. But as time passes, more and more industries have opted for computer numerical control (CNC) lathes due to the following reasons.

Reliable Accuracy

One of the reasons why CNC lathes are preferred by many manufacturers over manual ones is they have reliable accuracy. CNC lathes can reach 0.05 to 0.1mm, making their overall positioning accuracy and other processing powers high. They can even craft the same objects without losing track of the set dimensions. With these levels of processing, they can handle metal workpieces and craft the needed parts and products without expecting errors.

Outstanding Flexibility

Another thing that makes CNC lathes better than manual lathes is they have outstanding flexibility. CNC lathes do not have to be re-adjusted all the time when processing various metal workpieces. The moulds and fixtures can likewise be replaced whenever necessary. Given these capabilities, CNC lathes are highly recommended when processing frequently replaced parts. They can also work with single-piece, small-batch products and newly-developed items.

Notable Efficiency

When processing a wide array of components and products, industries have to ensure that their workflow will be smooth and efficient. Fortunately, CNC lathes allow them to work smoothly and efficiently since they can reduce their overall processing time and auxiliary time of their needed parts. CNC lathes have a large range of spindle sound speed and feed rate, granting them the capability to perform powerful high-speed cutting at a relatively large amount. They can even work with other tools.

Smart Productivity

Manual lathes, as their name implies, can only be operated manually. Without the manual intervention of workers, these tools cannot conduct the needed machining process for the workpieces. What is great about CNC lathes is that all their functions and movements can be inputted and keyed in via software. Operators can effectively input programs, load and unload parts, prepare tools, inspect the parts, and observe the machine state without losing productivity and compromising safety.

Low Processing Cost

CNC lathes may be expensive to purchase, but as manufacturers utilise them, their processing costs are expected to go down significantly. The accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency of CNC lathes can make their production costs cheaper as they do not waste the workpieces. These lathes can also minimise errors and accidents, granting business owners significant savings. Ultimately, CNC lathes have low processing costs as their processed items will already have their needed specifications.

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