Why Do Industries Prefer EDM Wire Cutting Over Others?

07 March 2023

Industries that rely on various parts and products often obtain these things from manufacturers that are experts in machining processes. They also get these parts and products from those that can process a wide array of materials without any compromises in quality and quantity.

One machining process that manufacturers often take advantage of is electrical discharge machining or EDM wire cutting. It is a machining process wherein an electrically charged single-strand wire is fed alongside a dielectric fluid. The discharge or electric sparks from this act are then utilised to cut conductive workpieces. The immersion of the wire in dielectric fluid intends to control the sparks, prevent the wire from breakage, and remove needless particles.

Many manufacturers and industries love to work with EDM wire cutting over other machining processes due to the following reasons.

Achieve Complex Shapes 

One of the reasons why industries prefer EDM wire cutting over others is it can achieve complex shapes. Other processes have difficulties generating parts and products with various shapes and structures. EDM wire cutting, alternatively, can use its electrical discharges to introduce complex details to the workpieces. Even the smallest contours and holes in the materials can be created by EDM wire cutting without needing additional softening or hardening.

Maintain High Accuracy

Despite carrying out EDM wire cutting to materials for a long time, it can easily generate accurate parts and products out of workpieces. You see, industries have been relying on items yielded out of laser, flame, or plasma cutting. These processes, however, may not be as accurate as EDM wire cutting as the latter can achieve high tolerances for precise dimensions. It can even achieve accurate fit, eliminating the need for additional finishing and processing.

Deter Distortion and Wear

Some machining processes tend to apply great force to the workpieces. While they can generate the desired shape for the parts and products, they may sometimes distort the workpieces along the way. They can even wear the tools themselves, adding more expenses to the machining companies. EDM wire cutting, fortunately, can machine brittle, fragile, and hard electrically conductive materials without delivering hard impacts and stresses.

Generate Parts Quickly

EDM wire cutting is not only accurate and effective, but it is also fast. Wire EDM cutting projects can be done quickly without compromising the overall quality of the parts and products. As long as they are carried out by experienced machining engineers, manufacturers can conveniently produce high-tolerance workpieces without burrs or distortion. The process can also be a great way to reduce the overall processing time of workpieces urgently needed by industries.

Save on Overall Costs

One more reason why industries prefer EDM wire cutting over others is it can be cost-effective. Workpieces can be conveniently altered by this process despite their hardness or brittleness, which helps generate fewer errors. They can even be processed in just a short time. And since EDM wire cutting is accurate, manufacturers often expected the process to yield less waste. All these factors make EDM wire cutting more cost-effective than other machining processes.

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