Best Uses of CNC Machining in the Green Energy Industry

06 February 2023

Machining is one of the processes that continuously innovate the progress of various industries today. Generally, this process is maximised to remove materials from workpieces, creating different parts for machines, tools, and others. Products created by machining are then used by industries such as automotive, electronics, and many more.

As time passes, the manual processes involved in machining can now be carried out with the help of computers and their accompanying software.

The automation of machining is known as computer numerical control (CNC) machining. This type of machining relies on pre-programmed software and code to move the machining tools and production equipment pieces. CNC machining can take advantage of grinders, lathes, turning mills, and others to generate a wide array of parts and prototypes.

A Quick Overview of the Green Energy Industry

As mentioned earlier, many industries benefit from machining to obtain their needed parts and prototypes. One of the industries that can significantly benefit from CNC machining is the green energy industry.

The green energy industry, also known as the renewable-energy industry, is a part of the energy industry that focuses on designing, implementing, and promoting appropriate renewable energy technologies around the world. It encourages industries to veer away from non-renewable energy resources and opt for renewable ones as the latter is less harmful to the environment, especially in the atmosphere.

Some examples of renewable energy technologies are solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy, hydroelectric power, and biomass. These technologies can be fully maximised once the right tools and equipment pieces have been assembled and installed.

CNC Machining in the Green Energy Industry

There are many applications of CNC machining in the green energy industry.

First, CNC machining can be useful in producing blades, bearings, and others that are needed to assemble massive wind turbines and windmills. These turbines, which are used in harnessing wind power, require parts with precise specifications. CNC machining, fortunately, can produce these parts precisely and accurately. It can also deal with carbon-fibre plastics, glass fibre, and other materials needed to create wind power technologies.

Solar panels can then be processed with CNC machining. CNC milling and drilling machines can be used by solar panel manufacturers to create their needed parts and even prototypes. And since CNC machining can produce them very quickly, the green energy industry can expect more industries to effectively take advantage of solar power.

Hydropower can be extracted through hydropower turbines and generators. But before they can generate the said power, they should be made with parts that are robust and can resist extreme pressure and water flow. Luckily, CNC machining can process durable and long-lasting materials and convert them into dependable hydropower turbine and generator components. From shafts to impellers, this type of machining can easily craft them without any issues. CNC machining can even be used to develop gates for dams and hydropower stations.

Aero Spec Engineering and CNC Machining

CNC machining in the green energy industry can easily permit the said industry to generate their needed parts and prototypes in a short time without compromising precision, durability, longevity, and quality.

If you need some help with CNC machining, you can contact us at Aero Spec Engineering. We are the leading manufacturer of precision CNC machined components and assemblies.

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