Equipment You Can Find Inside Aero Spec’s Manufacturing Facility

17 November 2022

The manufacturing industry has been helpful to many customers as it can generate a wide array of parts and products out of various workpieces. These workpieces are often made from metals and plastics, which are known for their durability and longevity.

Given the dependence of various industries on manufacturing services, we at Aero Spec Engineering have dedicated our operations to serving a wide range of customers all around Australia and even outside the country. Since our foundation in 1973, we have added tons of improvements to our manufacturing facility in Clayton, Victoria just to reassure that our existing and new customers will have a competitive edge with quality, price, and punctual delivery.

Services Offered by Aero Spec

At Aero Spec Engineering, we can provide clients with a wide range of services thanks to our machining facilities. Our machines are centred on the most advanced concepts and techniques. We even regularly update to keep at the leading edge of the industry. We then combine them to offer our customers accurate, cost-competitive, and exceptional components and machines. All our products have been rigorously examined and inspected to ensure all tolerances and requirements are met.

Some of our engineering capabilities include conventional turning, conventional milling, grinding, CNC multi-axis turning, CNC 3, 4, and 5-axis milling, EDM wire cutting, and EDM die sinking. As for the materials, we specialise in processing plastics, alloys, stainless steels, steels, high tensile tool steels, hard machining, and exotic materials.

Aero Spec’s Useful Machinery

All our manufacturing process is done inside our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. And to ensure that we can cater to all our customers’ needs, we have invested in a wide range of machinery that could carry out various manufacturing processes. Some machines that our team maximise are as follows.

• Mazak Quick Turn 250MY: This CNC turning centre with multi-tasking capability can produce parts and products in various ways. It is configured to carry out milling capability and Y-axis functionality, which is then paired with a standard through-hole chuck package. It also features an integral turning spindle motor to effectively produce various parts in a single setup. It can be subsequently installed with a bar feeder for automated operations.

• Mazak Variaxis 630-5X 2T: The Mazak Variaxis 630-5X 2T is a 5-axis vertical machining centre that maximises a highly rigid, built-in tilting rotary table with turning functionality that can work both vertically and horizontally. This special capability helps the machine process workpieces with complex contours and features. This offering from Mazak makes it perfect for generating aerospace components and prismatic parts in aluminium and steel.

• Okuma Ace Center MB-56VA Machining Centre: This vertical machining centre from Okuma maximises a high speed, high power 40 Taper 8,000 rpm spindle paired with a 15hp VAC integral motor and bidirectional spindle cooling. The composition of this machining centre can carry out a continuous, stable machining process for a long time.

Many more pieces of equipment can be found inside our facility, ensuring that we can cater to the needs of large industries. Industries that we can supply high-quality parts and products are chemical, defence, medical, petroleum, automation, environmental, food and beverage, national security, mining, transport, automotive R&D, automotive performance, and marine.

To acquire high-quality parts and products from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, you can contact us at Aero Spec Engineering.

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